Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What kind of blog is this?

Well, considering this was supposed to be a blog covering the story of our adoption of Ahren, it sure has been lacking on adoption news. Last word we had was we were waiting on a correction in the Declaration of Facts, then it could be sent to PGN to be signed. No word since then. Not a peep, good or bad. We have a couple of other friends who are moving ahead with the decreto to try and solve their cases (well, the LAWYERS are moving ahead that way, regardless of our friend's opinions) So they may just shoot ahead and leave us in the dust, or they may get kicked out and be back in the rectification process with us. Since no one really knows which way things will work, it is anyone's guess what will happen.
I had a dream last night that I was holding Ahren. It was at the orphanage, and I was visiting. He was the sweetest, most snuggly baby. He just melted in my arms. I played with his curly hair and kissed his fat little cheeks while he slept in my arms. I remember he didn't smell real good and I thought he needed a bath. Then I woke up and laughed at myself. Some people dream in color? I dream in scent-o-vision. Stinky babies needing baths with lavender scented baby soap.
We should be getting new pictures soon. It's been about that long. I can't wait to see how he is growing. I am seriously considering visiting. I know Chris will talk me out of it, but oooooohhhh I want to!!! He is worried I won't be able to give Ahren back and it will tear me up. I worry about that, too, but I have a physical ache to hold that child. Plus, he needs a bath!!!!


Krystal said...

Hi, Wendy --

Thanks for the comment on Brayden's blog. I can't beleive what a situation you are in -- it is so terrible! I hope that your attoreny can figure this mess out, get the bc issues resolved, and get on you guys on the fast road home!!! BTW, Ahren is such a handsome little man -- those curls are sooooo cute :)

I'll add a link to your blog on mine (if you don't mind) so that I can keep up with your journey.


Anonymous said...

i hope it works out for you. may God watch over your little Guatamalen angel and may he speed him to where ever he's meant to be... whether with you our with his family there..