Thursday, August 03, 2006


Life has been just peachy lately. Peachy in the kind of way that being hit by a Mac truck would be. Katie is mad at me because I didn't go see her drill team's show-off day today. Now, she is in a cast and can't dance, so I would be watching the other girls, not her. She is furious. I didn't even know about it until this morning at 7am. I am in the middle of mid-year reviews at work, and I am having to be very tough on some people. I just hate that! My right hand guy turned in his resignation and is leaving at the end of next week. We are in a hiring freeze, so I can't replace him. Ashley has been at cheer camp every day this week, so I have been running her around, making costumes, fixing lunches (which she doesn't eat) and herding gaggles of screeching girls.
I have no idea what is happening on our house. The architect is making some last minute changes and then I think we can submit it to the architectural review committee for approval. But the final straw to my peachiness is that the director of our adoption agency is angry with me. I thought I was helping a friend get some much-needed advice, but WHAM it came around and bit me in the butt. Life is just so very peachy......

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