Thursday, August 17, 2006

My baby started High School!

My first baby started 9th grade yesterday. She also got her very first boyfriend, Michael. I think I am going to have a heart attack! Now, mind you, she has known Michael for the past year, and he is a very nice boy. But, he is older (a junior) and drives his own truck. Boyfriend = good, car dates = no way. I am actually dealing with it pretty well. Chris, on the other hand, is having problems. He just keeps muttering about what goes on in boy's minds. He is really struggling with this. I find his issues with this all the more endearing, seeing as how Katie is his step-daughter and all. He is just the sweetest, most caring man I have ever met. But the boyfriends had better look out, because he has a big gun collection! Hee!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy,

Tell Chris that Patrick also has a nice sword collection - he plans on sitting there sharpening them when the time comes that the boys are visiting our house!