Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dream Home Progress

Things have just taken off with the progress on our new home. We were set to close the construction loan and land loans on Aug. 31st, but the sellers wanted to move it up if possible. No problem. We already have loan committments, etc. We were willing as long as the Title company could swing it. We were figuring they might be able to move it up a week or so. I ran around some paperwork yesterday and found out that they are scheduling the close for next week. Holy Cow! I wish this Title company could do our adoption!!! I don't know how long after that we will be able to break ground. We still have to submit our plans to the architectural review committee, get permits, etc etc (Actually, we don't do any of this, the builder does) We have started a separate account that will be just for money to spend on the house when we move. Things like blinds in the windows, new rugs, decorations, landscaping, etc. That all adds up and isn't covered in the mortgage or building costs. We have a travel trailer we are selling and I am going to convince Chris (wish me luck here) to put the money into this account. We have already nixed the idea of building the pool right away. Safety is a big concern for us. Neither of us is comfortable with a pool and little ones, even with every fence, cover, alarm, etc out there. It just takes one of the older kids to leave a gate open or a cover off. Too scary to even think about! We will stick to blow up pools for a few years!

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