Tuesday, August 08, 2006

7 months old

Our little peanut turned 7 months old yesterday. We have a tiny little bit of news in that the Declaration of Facts has been issued and is in the office of rectification in PGN to be signed. Once that happens, the corrections can be made and a birth certificate issued. Then, finally, we can start the actual adoption process. So, by my calculations, if we have a new birth certificate by the beginning of September, the earliest we might have him home would be January, if everything from here on out goes perfectly. Chris says I am too pessimistic, but I don't see how we will have him for his first Christmas or first birthday. I am just being realistic.

The good news is that we will probably be just moved or in the new house when he comes home. That will be terrific because he will have enough to adjust to without us packing up and moving soon after he arrives. I think 2007 will be the best year ever!

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