Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Craziness a la Jarman

This past week has been non-stop craziness. Katie has had Drill Team camp every day except Sunday. This week it goes from 7:30 am until 9 or 10 pm each day. On Saturday, she was at a camp and she called and said she had hurt her foot and the coach said she could leave early. I went to pick her up, saw what her foot looked like and we headed to the emergency room. Sure enough, it's broken. She is in a boot-style cast and they will do new x-rays in 2 weeks. If it stays together and heals, then after 4-6 weeks she will be back on her feet. If the tendon pulls the bones apart, she will need a pin placed to hold them together to heal correctly.
Ashley is in cheer camp this week, but she missed most of today's camp because we had to go back to the endocrinologist. Diagnosis: Hashimoto's disease, a type of hypothyroidism. She will need to take thyroid hormone therapy for the rest of her life, but other than that, she will be fantastic.
We have been rounding up documents for the loan on the new house/construction, finishing designing the house and having the architect complete the plans, etc etc. The builder sent the estimate of the total cost to Chris on Friday, and I think it took all weekend for his blood pressure to come down. I told the builder that he needs to warn me before he sends stuff like that to Chris so I can prepare him better. Hah! We negotiated some things and got the price down some, and now we are very happy with it. We put the pool on hold for another year or two, but still will build the barn and the dream house.
Tonight, I have to make 4 snowflake costumes for Ashley and her cheer partners for a contest at camp tomorrow. I told her to just dump water over her head and say she was a melted snowflake, but she wouldn't do it. Somehow, I got volunteered to do all the sewing. Thanks Ashley, I will remember this when you have kids someday ;-)

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