Sunday, March 30, 2014

I feel so chatty!

  I don't know why, but suddenly I feel like blogging again. Maybe because it is getting warmer and sunny every day. I am a bit like a big lizard. When it's cold I am sloooooww. The sunshine energizes me! Whatever it is, I am enjoying the energy!

  We had debated for several years whether to get the boys a trampoline. I know they would never follow the safety rules like only one jumper at a time. I also know there would be lots of shoving, bumping, flipping and bouncing off of each other. I also know that one of the top reasons for kids to be seen in the ER is injuries from a trampoline.

  But…..we need outlets for excess energy in one boy and we need physical activity to build muscle in another boy. So we bit the bullet and ordered a trampoline and enclosure net. We got the biggest we could find that had super good safety ratings. Very strong, 6 ft tall net all around, pads covering the springs, safety latches on the springs to hold them tight, and a quick latch opening. It took us a while to get it put together (too much help from little boys) but it was relatively easy to assemble. Then the jumping began!

  We have had the tramp for about a month now and it gets used every single day. After school they will jump for an hour! During the weekends they are out there off and on all day long. So far so good on injuries. We have had some sore muscles and one bumped head (not bad). The most amazing thing is that Jon is showing us what a truly gifted athlete he is. he has taught himself a cartwheel, round-off and front tuck. I am now working with him on a back tuck. In one session, he almost has it, landing close to on his feet every time. I went ahead and signed the boys all up for gymnastics starting this week. Levi is also doing great learning tumbling and Ahren, well Ahren just needs work. Hah! That sweetie is a hot mess. Gymnastics will be great for him. As he gains muscle it will help compensate for his loose ligaments and tendons. The boy is like Gumby.  That flexibility will come in handy for gymnastics.

  Not much else happening around here. Ashley and I are going on a 9 day mission trip to Costa Rica in July. That means I need to get exercising. I need to be able to do manual labor all day long in the heat. Well, heat I am used to, but the hard labor? I need to get my tushie moving. We are so excited to be able to participate in this wonderful trip set up through our church. There are 14 of us going from the church. it's going to be awesome.


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