Sunday, March 02, 2014

Catching Up and Lots of Pictures

I am not going to apologize for being absent for so long. Life. It happens. I will show you proof.

Ready for church and looking might handsome. I asked him to pose for a picture and this is what I got. 
I am not sure why I even try. 

The little boys ready for church. They actually smiled for me. That was unexpected!

 Our kitty Beatrice. Anything that I open she jumps into while I am not looking. She is lucky I haven't shut her in a drawer and left her……yet.

One way I save on our grocery bill is that I hit the 'Manager's Special' meat cooler before buying any meat. I find some great deals. Of course these are all just about to hit their sell-by date so I either immediately freeze them or cook them. It also means I have to adjust my menus for the week accordingly, but I don't mind. These turkey sages got browned and served with pasta and marinara sauce. Healthy, less expensive and yummy.

Here she goes again. Maybe she thinks this is a kitty wash?

Bogey (Bogart) with his stogey. It always looks like he is an old man with a fat cigar. 

Ahren turned 8 years old in January. A dear friend made his cake for us. Since he has food allergies this was no simple task. This is wheat free, soy free, gluten free, etc etc. His favorite game is Minecraft so this is a Creeper from the game. Inside his chest is more dynamite. There is also a layer of raspberry filling.

We had a few kids over, sang happy birthday, opened presents and ate cake. And ate cake and ate cake and ate cake. It was SOOOOO yummy!

Here is what Ahren thought of the cake. If you live near me and need a special cake, either in design or for allergy purposes, contact me. I can hook a sista up!


Deb said...

So happy to see the update. Looks like life is good at your house. Sending love and hugs your way.


Reba said...

I was just thinking about you this week. I have missed you. But I understand the "life" thing. (I am doing good to blog once a week right now...) Love all of the pictures. Glad things are going well.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!