Friday, April 04, 2014

Back to the Doctor

  Well, it was another week of questionable behavior for our little man. Spending 20 minutes washing his hands in the bathroom, squirting soap on other kids, burping in kids' faces, not doing his work, not staying in his seat, etc, etc, etc. It's clearly time to re-visit the meds arena. I hate to do it. He doesn't eat and he doesn't grow. He is finally in the middle of the growth chart and weighs 62 pounds. Not one ounce of that is fat. He has no reserves at all. He needs to be successful in school and it is just what we have to do for now. Ugh! At least there are only weeks left in the school year and over the summer he will be off meds.
  We have an appointment on Tuesday. I am hoping that we can switch to a different med that has less side effects and still works. Maybe the Focalin patch? I will discuss it with the doctor. The only problem with the patch is he can remove it himself. You know, the kid who is manipulative, hid his pills, fed them to the dog, spit them in the toilet and even made himself vomit to avoid taking them. Yeah, a patch might be trouble. We won't know until we try. I wonder if there is a medicine I can give him as a big ol' shot in the hiney? I bet after a few days of that he would cooperate a bit better. Then again, he may just tell me he loves the shot and smile that 'I win' smile.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

hmm, oddly our children DO seem to be living parallel lives. We've had a recent spike too. My daughter has been waking up at an 8 on a scale of 1-10 lately. Need to make a call.