Monday, March 24, 2014

The Difference BetweenThem

  Jon has always been very dominant over Ahren. Ahren is a sweet, lovable teddy bear without a mean bone in his body. Jon pinches him, trips him, pushes him down, says mean things, etc etc. Time and time we have tried to tell Ahren to not put up with it, but invariably it ends up with Ahren crying and Jon lying.  If Ahren would just haul off and give Jon some of his own medicine then maybe he would stop being such a booger to him.
  The last few weeks have been especially bad, you know, the whole 'RAD no like change' issue. Ahren has purple bruises on both arms where Jon has been pinching him. That must hurt! Then Jon also earned the trip to the Principal's office for tackling Ahren in the restroom and throwing him down.
  Yesterday we had a couple of boys over and everybody was out on the trampoline jumping. Next thing I know one of the other kids is at the door telling me both Ahren and Jon are crying. I figured they banged heads or something. Boy was I surprised.
  Ahren (yes AHREN!) was pinching Jon. He pinched him so hard he left purple marks on his arm and Jon was crying because it hurt. Then, when Ahren saw that he had hurt Jon, he starters crying because he felt so bad! Jon cried for about 1 minute, Ahren wailed off and on for 30 minutes.
  Oh my sweet baby, he has such a sensitive heart. I couldn't get mad at him. He finally got Jon back, just a little, for all the times he has been hurt. As for Jon, I had NO sympathy and I told him that. He was standing there trying to squeeze out a tear and I looked at him and wondered aloud where Ahren might have learned to pinch like that? Jon couldn't stop his smile, although he tried. He smiled and said, "From me". So how does that feel? Did you like it? Do you want more? Because if you keep treating Ahren like that, we are going to make sure you get it right back so you know what it feels like.

  Ying and Yang. One is hurt to easily and the other feels no pain, emotionally or otherwise. Maybe if I smash them together really hard they will rub off on each other…….

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