Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Break, Bad Behavior and Treasure Hunts

It has been spring break here this week. It sounds so delightful but in reality it is a deep cesspool of poor choices and bad behavior. The lack of strict schedule and the variety of fun is just way too much for some to handle. That might be me and it might not….I admit nothing!

One way we try and deal with this enforced fun week is to stay close to home and keep as much normal as possible. We invite others to our house and that seems to work better than dragging ours out to other places. We also try and get a LOT of exercise and eat well. 

Today, the 7th day of the break, we had several boys over to spend a 'Boys Day'. Chris was out of town so it ended up me and 6 boys. That's OK, I had lots of fun plans. A huge treasure hunt all over our property, light a big fire and cook our lunch over it, ride bikes and scooters, jump on the trampoline, and work in the garden.

And then it rained. All day long. Crap.

We still managed the treasure hunt, but had to go ahead and do it before the last boy made it to our house. Here are pictures of the event. It lasted 30 minutes and the boys were so tired and panting by the end of it they couldn't even walk fast anymore. Win!!!

Each clue was a rhyming riddle. They had to solve the riddle, then find the next clue. 
And they had to work as a team and follow the rules.

The clues took them over all 3.5 acres of our property several times. I planned it that way….

Most of my pictures are of their backsides running away from me. They are fast little guys!

We timed this between rain showers so it wasn't too bad. I made everyone put on rain boots/old shoes.

Stopping to read a clue and figure it out. Some of the clues were really hard on purpose. If they got stuck I was nearby to provide a hint. No use getting them frustrated.

 And RUN!

And RUN some more!

The final clue led them to a buried treasure. They had to find it, dig it up and then share the treasure.

Happy, sweaty boys!

Here they are showing off their treasure. They each received $2 in cash. I think they were expecting gold dubloons. Sorry!!!

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