Friday, March 28, 2014

One step forward, two steps back….going in reverse

  Today resulted in another trip to the Principal's office for my young RADlet. I am not sure if I remember everything he did, but it went something like;

              1) Screaming in class
              2) snuck into the teachers desk and stole an eraser
              3) lied about everything multiple times
              4) pushed another child in the restroom
              5) more lies

I think there was something else but by this point I was on overload. The new Vice Principal is such a sweet lady, definitely no match for my evil genius son. She went on and on about discussing the Golden Rule and how lying just makes a bigger mess of things. He sat there looking very attentive and gave her back all of the correct answers. She thinks he is really 'getting it'. Right. Like we have never had these discussions in the past 4 years. Geez! I know she is trying, but he is not your typical 8 year old. Now he thinks he really put one over on her. Plus, to him, getting to hang out in her office and not do his school work was a reward for him. He would much rather hang out and talk to an adult in a nice way than sit in his chair, keep his hands to himself and get his work done. Too bad the Principal wasn't there today or the last time. He is a big, deep-voiced no-nonsense man and Jon would have had a totally different experience in his office.
  Now the VP wants to have Jon spend a few sessions with the school counselor. Sigh. Like we have never taken him for therapies or counseling. Maybe we should have just saved the many thousands of dollars of our money and the school counselor could have just talked to him. I thought these things but I was super nice on the phone. I thanked her for everything she was doing and offering. It may help and we do need all the help we can get. I just laugh inside about how little they understand my son. I have a vision of him dancing mental circles around them and eventually running the school.

  I have no idea what to do for consequences for him. I am out of ideas. If you have any thoughts, no matter how far outside the box, let me know. I am completely stumped.

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Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Since you asked...I've always tried to let school handle school. I figure they have buildings full of professionals who have spent years studying the best way to educate children. It's really hard to disengage from school issues- I've been conditioned for decades that parents need to be involved. Anyway, it helped a LOT when the audience was cut in half.