Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ahren is too funny

  I am not sure if I shared this story when it happened. It was so darn cute and I don't want to forget it. It is one of those stories that I will be telling to his children someday.

  Last year, just a couple of weeks into the school year, Ahren came home from school and announced to me that, "today I was nerdy". I immediately thought that someone must have called him that and he was trying to figure out what it meant. I launched into a discussion of what nerdy meant and that it is a compliment on your intelligence. He just looked at me with his big beautiful dark eyes. I finished my speech, patting myself on the back for turning this into a positive.
  He then told me that he had to get a note from the office for being nerdy. What? Now I am confused. They sent him to the office because someone called him nerdy? I asked him about it but he couldn't explain. When I asked him WHO called him nerdy, he said his teacher. Who sent him to the office? His teacher. Why did she call him nerdy? He had no idea.
  By now I am confused, slightly angry that an educator would call my son a name and then punish him, and really wondering what the heck happened. Then I opened his folder and inside was a note explaining that he had been TARDY that morning. (Tardy not!)
  Now, I had dropped the kids at school in plenty of time to hang out in the gym until the bell rang and they headed to class. There was no reason he would be tardy. I began questioning him. Did he do anything else on the way to class? Did he go anywhere, stop off, walk slowly, head to the restroom, anything. He couldn't remember why he was tardy.
  Then I hit on something. Who did he walk with? Oh, Nicholas, our neighbor and friend. Was Nicholas tardy? No. If Nicholas wasn't late why was Ahren? Well, suddenly it clicked in his head and here is what he told me.
  He walked to class with Nicholas and followed him into the classroom. Good, except Nicholas is in a different first grade class. Ahren hung out with Nicholas until they began circle time, at which time the teacher realized she had an unknown child in her class. She sent him to his classroom, at which time he was tardy.
  I cracked up thinking about what the teacher must have looked like when she had an extra kid in circle time. There he was, just sitting in the circle and behaving himself, all happy and ready to learn. That is the one and only time any of my kids have been tardy. Unfortunately, with us as parents, this will NOT be the only time they are nerdy!!!!

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