Saturday, March 15, 2014

Frog and Toad

We did venture out this week for one big, special outing. And I seriously mean BIG! Eight Mamas, two grandparents and 26 kiddos from 5-12 years old. 
We drove down to the very trendy Montrose area in Houston (quite the trek for us) and had lunch at a Greek restaurant. You should have seen the faces on the people there as we walked into the restaurant. I saw one man make the sign of the cross and whisper 'God Bless You'! We took over the patio seating which was perfect for our louder-than-normal lunch bunch. The biggest hit of lunch was the bird who stole french fries off the table.

Then we all travelled to the Mainstreet Theatre to watch a matinee of Frog and Toad, the play. It was Sooo Goood! We laughed, we clapped, we sat on the edge of our seats. We are still singing the songs from the show.

The eight very brave Mamas. 
   Most of the kiddos. Some had already hit the road to try and escape before rush hour hit. What a beautiful bunch and now they have all experienced a little culture. Maybe it will rub off….

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