Sunday, March 23, 2014

Very Funny Story

  A little background is needed here. My dear friend and Levi's best friend have been struggling with the serious health issues of the grandmother. These issues are not treatable and there is just time left. Right now they have home health nurses coming in to care for Grandma and it is very hard to deal with for all of them. The loss of independence, dealing with pride and ego, and trying to have the best services available for their needs. Its all hard.
  So yesterday Levi's friend was with us and we began to talk about this. How hard it is to let someone else do the things you are used to doing yourself. Things like taking a bath, now you need a stranger to help with that.
  The boys understood the struggle with that. Then Levi spoke up. He told me he would never let someone bathe him……

Unless it was a girl. Then it was okay.

I have been laughing ever since. He is so much like his father. Enough said.

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