Monday, May 02, 2011

Operation Chub Chub

Seth had a doctors appointment Saturday morning. It was a routine re-check for his ADHD meds. 

He's a Goofy Goober

  The first surprise came when they weighed him and he was down a pound. He seems so much bigger to me, but he did have a cold last week and that might explain it. The next surprise came when they measured him. She got 45 inches. He was only 40.5 inches in December, so she measured him again. Yup, 45 inches! I guess I didn't notice because he has been wearing shorts. Sure enough, size 5T jeans are highwaters on him! That's 3.5 inches in less than 5 months. Wow!

  The doctor was very concerned about his height to weight ratio. He cut his dosage in half, told us to not medicate him on weekends and try to fatten him up. We have one month to get his weight up or they will have to switch his meds.

  So Operation Chub Chub begins. I got a gallon of chocolate milk, a quart of heavy cream, protein powder, eggs, cheese, tofu, real butter, fresh rolls, dark meat chicken and anything else I could grab that was fattening in a healthy way. He will be getting 5-6 small meals a day, plus as much milk and juice as he will drink. No sodas, no koolaid, no sugary non-healthy drinks that fill him up but add no value.

  Yesterday was Day 1 and he ate like a champ all day. Twenty-nine days to go.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I'm a silent follower. :) when I read your post on Seth's new med schedule, I thought of my own family member. They were on risperdal & other similar meds. When they lowered the meds, they had HORRIBLE withdrawal symptoms that can mimic other things. Once this was finally realized, they tapered to their new dose very slowly & it was okay. Some doctors don't realize just how slowly these meds need to be lowered. Some people may be able to cut a dose in half & cold turkey on the weekends but others have more sensitive central nervous systems. Don't mean to butt in :) i just wanted to let you know. I never want anyone else to go through what she did. Take care :o)

Diana said...

Good luck! I mean that very sincerely, too...because I would have completely laughed in my doc's face had he even suggested such a preposterous thing. I've seen my kid without meds and it is SO not pretty. He's bouncing off the ceiling, paralized by anxiety, and becomes extremely aggressive...and that's just if he misses a dose. Also, it wouldn't matter what I fed him. If he's in the mood, he eats just fine. If he's not, or if he's mad at me (which he very often is) he will flat out refuse. I couldn't force feed him even if I wanted to. The only way I could get more food down him would be to take him to McDonalds for every meal and let him gorge on crapola not prepared by mama.

Redghia said...

My now adopted son came to me at age 9 weighing 49 pounds and being 49 inches tall. 4th and 7th percentile, in case you were wondering. He was on 45mg of d-amphetamine a day. With the intent to gain weight, we cut his dosage to 15 mgs a day, went healthy and fattening with the diet, added a raft of exercise since we had no muscle mass at all and over the next six months, added 10 pounds, 4 inches, and two full shoe sizes. Yes, we skipped meds on weekends, too. It turned out in the long run that the meds weren't doing much....which was interesting since he'd been on them since he was 5...but as we all know, one can't medicate RAD too well. Now he's 13 and has gone from an 85 pound size 12 in September to a 113 pound size 16 today....not worried about his weight anymore. I am a bit tired of constantly having to get new clothes thanks to the rate of growth, though. I hope that will become your problem! Good luck with Operation Chub Chub.

Nikki said...

He is so cute :) Hope it goes well!

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