Monday, May 16, 2011

An Idea is Forming

  Sorry for no pix in a long time and very fast, short posts. You know the drill. Blah blah blah, new job, five kids, dirty house, etc etc.

  I have an idea forming in my brain. It started as I began my new job and several things all hit me at the same time. We work with a lot of kids who are special needs. Seems neuro-sensory problems and vision issues go hand-in-hand a lot of the time. Makes sense. The brain runs the visual system, so if the brain-vision connection is not working correctly, it needs to be fixed. That makes sense.

  What surprised me though, is that many of these kids with sensory integration issues or on the autism spectrum also have immune issues. They do not fight off infection, they react oddly to vaccinations (either no reaction or over-reaction), they have some sort of immune challenge.

  So what does that mean? It was long thought and somewhat still believed that immunizations had something to do with autism. The anectodatal evidence is that a toddler gets his shots, then immediately begins to show the symptoms of autism. Over and over again this would happen. Coincidence was not enough to explain it. So they thought thimerosol, a preservative in vaccines, was the cause and they removed it form most childhood immunizations. But....the rate of diagnosing autism spectrum disorders continues to climb.

  What if the vaccines did not CAUSE the disorder, but instead an underlying immune system issue was to blame? The vaccinations or even an infection could become the catalyst for progression of the other issues. And why is the rate climbing? Is it because we have now polluted our environment and added so many artificial components to our food that we have triggered our own bodies to revolt against themselves? One last immune assault and whammo, the perfect storm ensues. The neurological system becomes completely disregulated.

  What do you think? Tell me about your kids. Could there truly be a link here?


Janet said...

I think you may be on to something. Also you might want to consider that the increasing rates of the diagnosis in the autism spectrum is a lot higher in the US than in other western countries.

What happens there that does not happen in the other countries to the same degree?

Melissa said...

Hey girl,
I've thought we are our own worst enemies for a long time now (pollution, preservatives, chemicals in everything). That is why I've been so determined to feed Justin only natural foods (organic when I can) with no preservatives, chemicals, etc. It is a little time consuming and expensive, some people give me a hard time, but I think it is worth it. And as you know he does have some bizarre reactions to vaccines, bug bites and other immune related things anyways. I do hope they figure it out soon.
Take care,

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yep, I think there is something there. I used to work with autistic kids and MANY parents told day before/ day after stories about their children.
I have always wondered about the GI link too. So many of the kids have raging, frequent diarrhea, that is not a coincidence. Frequent ear infections and severe sleep disfunction.

Crystal said...

My oldest son is on the spectrum and has had major problems with his immune system. He had seven ear infections between three months old and nine months old before tubes finally stopped all the crazy infections.

He then went from that to sinus infections all of the time--he seems to never be able to fight anything off on his own.--He is my child who is ALWAYS sick and it takes him a very long time to get over something. --much longer than the other kids. He also has excema sp? that comes and goes.

BUt I have always thought there was a link too--- to his immune system.---I even had his little nose and throat scoped to see if he had some kind of abnormality as to why sinus infections were so frequent. ---It looked great but I have always believed there was some kind of link. --He also was my baby who did not tolerate formula and had to go on prescription formula because he projectile vomitted everything else.

I think you are on to something Wendy!!!!--Can you discover a CURE for autism why you are at it!!!!!!! ;) --I adore you girly!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think you are brilliant! That makes SO much sense. Research it and write it up. You will rock the science world. Kudos, Wendy!