Saturday, May 07, 2011

Operation Chub Chub Update

  First, let me tell you that going without any meds is HARD. He is doing a fantastic job of holding it together most of the day, but be evening he is a hot mess. He absolutely cannot control himself. He twirls and spins and bounces on the furniture. One moment he is upright and the next upside down. he has absolutely ZERO impulse control. Yesterday he was caught standing at the top of the slide peeing on his brothers head below. (Poor Ahren, he thought it was raining....LOL!) In desperation I talked to the head doc I work for at the neuro-sensory clinic. She recommended some neurological supplements to try. She said they may not be the total answer but they could help. I was ready to try anything!

  I loaded up on the 5 supplements she recommended, each bottle a 2 month supply for a child his size. (Dosage depends on age/weight, so a bottle goes a long way for a teensy guy like him) We started them today. One is in drop form, one chewable, 2 are capsules you empty into food (he never even noticed so they must not taste bad) and one is a cream you rub into their skin. I dosed him this morning and said a silent prayer.

  This afternoon I had a doctors appt so I took him with me so they could weigh him.  I knew what our scales at home said, but I wanted a direct comparison. Unfortunately, last weekend was cold so he was wearing jeans and today was HOT so he had on shorts. I am sure that affected his weigh in. The great news is he is UP 1.6 pounds in one week! (I knew he was also recovering form being sick so that is really not that amazing. I think his actual gain from his baseline is more like a pound.) Pretty good!

  You know what the absolutely amazing, stupendous, fantastic, miraculous news is? He was totally calm, quiet, polite and well behaved. He sat quietly on my lap and then moved to a chair. Then we dragged him on several errands and grocery shopping and he was perfect. The doctor even asked me what I had done to him, and when I told him we were going med free he was dumbfounded. He wants me to show him the supplements because he has never seen anything like this before. I am not convinced yet, because I don't believe anything could work that well the first day.........but, maybe, just maybe, we have figured out something. If his brain chemicals are off, and we can right them with this type of neurological support, well then HOORAY.

  I am going to wait a few days to tell you what they are exactly, because I don't want everyone to run out and buy expensive supplements and 2 days later I say, Uh Oh, My bad. If he continues like this for the next few days, I will hook everyone up!!!!!


Mamita J said...

I need me some supplements! Give me them bottles!!! :-)

Seriously, I hope the trend continues.

Anonymous said...

If it works, I will want to buy a truck load of this stuff. My son can't control his outbursts it is so exhausting. We have started him on something natural too to help his hormones to kick in. But we will see, we need something soon. exhausting. Delilah

Anonymous said...

Anxiously waiting for the list of supplements! Praying that the supplementt continue to do the work!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Can't wait to see how it goes! Jennifer Distefano

ManyBlessings said...

Ok, you cannot forget this promise to tell, because if it works you KNOW I'm buying stock at this house!!!!! I'm DYING to know!!!!