Monday, May 30, 2011

And more pix....

Easter Egg Hunt
That crafty bunny hid eggs all over our house!

 Little boy 6-pack. Pardon the pasty skin.....we are pigmentally challenged around here.
 Why can't they just smile for the camera??????
 Action shot!
 Oh the glare off that white skin!!!! I'm blind!!!!!
 Where are those eggs???
 Two pounds of hot mess all wrapped up in cuteness. 
 Going, going, gone! I had waaaaay too much hair. Thick, wavy/curly hair. Entire zipcodes could have resided in there.
 Remember when I said we had started Seth on supplements and the changes were dramatic? Well they were originally prescribed for Ahren and his neuro-muscular issues, but the doctor said to try them on Seth so we did. The first few days I could not believe how well they worked. Then they started to lose their umph so I added 500 mg of niacin, which also seemed to help at first. Then after about 5 days his behavior was worse and he was having trouble sleeping. I took him off of everything and he has returned to 'normal' levels of craziness. But....Ahren seems to be slowly improving! He went to a party at Pump it Up, the indoor blow-up jumpy things play place and jumped for the whole 90 minutes. The next day his legs were really sore, but he DID IT!!!!!! Normally he would have played for about 15 minutes and then sat and watched the other kids.

Here is what he is on: Neurobiologix micelized D3 drops, Advanced neurotransmitter support, Neuro Nutrients and neuro immune stabilizer.  The two middle ones are capsules that you open and mix into a drink with the D3 drops. The last one is a cream that you rub into the skin. So Ahren will stay on the supplements, but not Seth.
 Chocolate milk full of neuro supplement yumminess!

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ManyBlessings said...

Well, at least we tried, right? Lol! I AM glad they are helping Ahren. That's huge!!! :)