Sunday, May 29, 2011

And more pix....

Levi's end-of-the-year First grade performance. They did a play about being happy with what you have. It was adorable and sent a great message. Every child had a speaking part, too, which is pretty awesome.  Of course we got there right on time and we had to stand in the back there were so many people already there. It made it difficult to get good photos but I still snapped a million!
 Levi played the role of 'a gentleman'. 
 The show included a dance number Levi was in, and although he adamantly disputes this fact, he dance WITH a girl, holding her hand. 

 Waiting for his turn to speak. 
 We went to the third annual crawfish party at our friend's ranch out in the Texas countryside.  It involves lots of good friends, good food, and motorized fun. We took the boy's 4-wheelers so they could buzz around the pastures.
 I love this picture because it looks like Seth is riding a big 4-wheeler all by himself.
 This picture shows who was really driving. We are a bit crazy, but not THAT crazy. 
 Mother's Day with a pile of boys. You can only see part of Seth's left sleeve. Being the littlest one he ended up on the bottom of the dogpile.
 I got a pic with 4 of the five. Sadly, we didn't see Ashley that weekend. I miss that little booger!!!!!
Oh, and see that belly on me? Say goodbye to it. I joined the martial arts class with the boys and have lost an entire size in clothes and 10 pounds, not to mention quite a few inches. Kuk Sool Won is my new love!

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