Sunday, May 29, 2011

Catching up in Pictures

Ahren now wears glasses and is getting Neuro/Sensory and Vision Therapy
He finished speech therapy and is still doing physical therapy
Goal: ready for kindergarten this fall
 Coloring Easter eggs with the babysitter. Why they like to crouch on the kitchen island to do everything is beyond me. And why they have the container of Ranch seasoning? Who knows....
 Awww, they made special eggs for the family.
 I see Kaytee and Ahren, Seth and Buster, even Aspen. 

 Apparently more than eggs got colored.....

 Guess what I found in my kitchen sink one day?
 This time it was Chris who rescued this one. He had fallen into a hole behind our garage and the dogs found him. (her?)

 After a bath in the sink and a quick examination to make sure he was healthy, we took him out to our pond and released him. This one is a red-eared slider.
 The Great Turtle Rescuer
 This is one beautiful turtle.
 Showing how far he can pull his head and arms into his shell.
 The Great Turtle Rescuer in his natural habitat with his trusty side-kicks. 
(Buster thinks he is a lap dog)

Last weekend Kaytee and Levi assisted me in a huge grocery run. Armed with the store ads, the coupon binder and lots of time we headed out to save some money. I am not one of those coupon magicians who walk out with $500 worth of stuff and spend only $3. I do not need 37 bottles of mustard even if I can get them for a penny each. I only buy what we really use and what we can store. I watched one of those coupon shows where the woman bought 100 boxes of cereal and all I could think of was how stale it would be by the time they got to the end of the supply. Buying it just because it is cheap is not wise. Saving money on something you really need is another thing. Just my philosophy. Feel free to bash me with your 400 cans of tomatoes.

So our final tally using the manufacturer coupons, store coupons and additional store promotions was...........................................................just under $140.   WOOT!


Kim said...

You are awesome! I love how you're so patient with your kids and that you rescue animals and worry about contributing to landfills. The world is a better place with people like you in it. :-)

Reba said...

My goal this summer is to get back to couponing. But I am a coupon lady like you...I refuse to buy stuff we just won't use or just because I can get it cheap. Love the pictures. Beautiful turtle!