Friday, January 01, 2010

Yarn Therapy

I love to knit. I am not very good at it, I don't like fancy-smancy patterns or learning new complicated techniques but I do love to knit. I knit for the pure enjoyment of knitting and to calm myself. There is something so therapeutic about taking a ball of yarn and creating something one stitch at a time.

A friend (Hey Connie!) gave me this pattern a year ago. I have been wanting to try it, but wimped out until now. I started it last night and finished it today. It is the first time I did 'colorwork' where you carry more than one yarn over the back of the piece. Turns out the pattern was super easy even though it said it was an intermediate level.

It's worked on circular needles on 96 stitches, starting with a standard 2x2 rib. There are 3 pattern repeats for this size hat (infant). I am thinking I might increase the pattern repeats and see if I can make my boys some skull and crossbones hats. This particular one is destined for baby Henry's head. He will be quite the lil skallywag!


Lisa said...

That is SO cool! I am so untalented but I truly appreciate the people that are.

Andrea said...

Super cute! I so wish I could knit. It looks really good-awesome job!

Stacy said...

Do you know TONS of free patterns.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...


Is that FAIR ISLE I see? WOW!! I cannot do that stuff for the life of me. And I don't want to anymore either after all my failures.

DANG I am so impressed!

ParkerMama said...

That is so cute! And you do good work. BTW, thanks for the box! *smooch!