Monday, January 11, 2010


Things around these here parts are much much better. Ahren is still moving very slowly (can't complain about that!) but he is much improved. He actually slept really well last night, for the first time since the surgery. He is also being a total hoot. He is milking this for all it's worth. He sits on the couch all day long and calls for everyone to do his bidding. Bring me juice, change the channel, etc. When I tell him to get something himself, he whines pitifully and claims his legs are broken. It is so stinkin funny! When he thinks no one is looking he gets up and dances around and has a blast. When I call him on it, he just grins the most adorable grin and I give him a million kisses. This boy, he is a total drama queen!!!

Kaytee applied for colleges a few months ago and we had already gotten two acceptances. They weren't for her top choices but still nice to know someone wanted her. Then today, she got a BIG one. Baylor. She made it into BAYLOR!!!! I am doing a huge happy dance and she can't stop smiling. The campus is halfway between my house and her dad's house. It has all the medical classes she is interested in, and it is a fantastic school. I am so excited! (Then I start to think about her leaving for school and the excitement is just sucked right out of me. Letting go is so hard. .......)

Work has been getting busier and busier. Every week I have a new therapy patient. Today, I was working with a little boy who has really struggled. At his first progress check he had not made hardly any progress and was very disappointed (his mother and I were also very sad). Now, just a few sessions later, something has clicked. Today he absolutely BLEW ME AWAY! He was doing things that were absolutely incredible. Things he has never been able to do before. His Mom and I both double checked him, thinking he might be faking it. Nope, he was on fire. I had goose bumps and started to tear up. He was so excited! You could see he realized what he was doing and what he could suddenly see. He literally went from reading the chart with one eye at 3 feet to reading it at twenty feet. Boom! That eye and it's connection to the brain just figured out how to work. Sometimes it is like that, like a light bulb turning on. Other times it is gradual.

And so goes life in Chez Chaos. Kids and chores and kisses and tantrums. It's all good. Life is to be savored, one chaotic day at a time. All too soon the house will be quiet and my time will be my own. I want to breathe in every second of this time in our lives!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on everything! Your little patients - Ahren and those at work - but Ahren in particular, and Baylor (!!!!). Are you finally able to get your 8 hours of much needed sleep and night?

Although I am thrilled about Baylor, I REFUSE to accept that Kaytee is old enough for college. I remember her at a New Year's Eve party at my house when she was just a little thing. And since I'm not getting older.............


Priscilla said...

Go Bears! I'm a BU grad. If Miss K decides she is interested in a sorority, I'm happy to write a recommendation for her. gilbertp at rcn dot com.