Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Oh Ahren!

So this morning Ahren had a small surgical procedure that was necessary. He is left with a bunch of stitches and a LOT of pain. The doctor injected him with an analgesic that was supposed to leave him numb for 24 hours but it didn't work.

He had a horrible time coming out of the anesthesia. It took a long time even though it was light anesthesia. Then, as he awoke, he was very violent and scratched, punched and kicked me as I held him. I shrugged it off. As he tried again and again to punch me in the face, the nurse held his hand and began apologizing to me. I just held him and loved him. Once he got through that bad phase, he wanted his Mommy to hold him....all day. Yes, my boy does need me, he does trust me, he counts on me!!!!

The pain meds he had were not working and he fell asleep only to wake up crying and screaming in pain an hour later. The doctor called in stronger meds and he is now resting pretty comfortably.

For the next few days I will not leave his side. He wants me next to him, and that is a miracle. This surgery was minor, but the impact may be major! If he feels he can count on me, then that is huge. My poor sweet boy. I love him so so so much.


Deb said...

Precious Ahren. Bug and I will be prayig for his healing and for the pain to go away quickly.

it is amazing how things we dread can show us how far we have come as families.

Love and hugs,


Mamita J said...

Oh, poor baby...

But it does sound like he is looking to you for protection and security! YEAH WENDY!

Praying for your sweet boy tonight.

As for your previous post...we have a lot of those behaviors too. The nonsense questions are baffling and mind-numbing. I sometimes answer nonsense questions back to try to get her to think. (e.g. Question: "Who's TE?" (her brother)
Reply: "TE who?")

Anyway, just keep encouraging him and making sure he knows you are safe and you are not leaving him.


Lisa said...

I'm so sorry Ahren had such a hard time but am very grateful that you had such an incredible bonding moment.

You didn't say which pain med they were giving him but morphine makes me (and my whole maternal side of my family) react the same way. Doesn't touch the pain and makes me act like a crazy person. Now it's on all my medical records that I'm allergic to morphine.

God-Mommy said...

It was nice to see our little baby boy looking much better this evening than yesterday evening (OMG!). My goodness, I can only imagine last night (I know you only gave me the "nice" highlights when you gave me the update earlier). It seems like tomorrow will be much better, and then better and "better-er" the days thereafter. Give him God-Mommy kisses and hugs for me. He's too precious (remembering him being awnry with MJ and the Wii earlier when he switched gears on their 2-player game)!