Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wake me when it's over

I love sleep. I always have. I need 8 solid hours a night to be at my best. Last night was not about sleeping. Not at all. But that's okay. I'll let you know why later.

We had a really hard time managing Ahren's pain. I didn't tell y'all what he had done, since it was kind of a private thing, but the info will help you to understand. Apparently in the past he has had some nasty infections in his wee member. His toot. His little man. The foreskin was fused to the head and there was lots of scar tissue. We tried for a year to gently ease it loose, but it was really stuck. He began to have pain when he 'ahem' rose to attention. There was only one solution and it was surgical. So there you have it, he has a re-constructed toot. And it is very painful.

We got behind in pain management and the pain ran away with him. The surgeon had injected it with a long-lasting med that was supposed to keep it numb for 24 hours, but it wore off in just a few hours. We finally got better control and he fell asleep around 9pm. Then at 10 pm he woke up and the next 6 hours were HORRIBLE! He screamed, he cried, he was in a medication daze but still not able to sleep. He would start to drift off then begin kicking, hitting, etc. He kicked me over and over again, by turning sideways and ramming both feet into me as hard as he could. He slapped me in the face, pulled my hair, kicked me, yanked my nose, etc. When he would wake up a little and realize he was hurting me he always said he was sorry and he was sincere. He just needed to lash out at the pain.

He fell asleep at 4 am and slept until 9 am. When he woke up he got snuggled in on the couch and seemed more comfortable. Later I sat him in a lukewarm tub and soaked most of the bandages off. he was so scared but he trusted me. Afterwards he said it didn't hurt. Just scared him.

Later he asked to get up so I got a loose bandage on him, some loose underwear and soft pants. He didn't eat well but he drank a lot and by late afternoon was playing happily. I am so proud of that little guy.

Happy Birthday to Ahren (turned 4) and Ashley (turned 15). I love you both!!!!!


Cathie said...

Poor little guy. Hope he is feeling better.
Happy birthday Ahren and Ashley.

Mamita J said...

Oh....poor baby....glad he's starting to come out of the pain.

Happy birthday to your kiddos!

Julie said...

Poor baby! Glad he's starting to get better!

Happy Birthday Ahren & Ashley!!

Natalie C. said...

i finally got my comp i have your blog address oh my you have been busy...we need to catch up and get together soon...i miss those boys of yours

ParkerMama said...

There is a certain Brave Hero at our house wearing Spiderman pajamas.

Thank you.



Wendy you are such an amazing Mom with the patience of a saint! So glad little Ahren is doing better.

Happy Birthday to Ashley and Ahren!
Does Ashley have a big party planned again this year?