Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the sickness sets in....

Gosh, we were doing so well. Settling in, getting a routine in place, all of that. And then....Lil S spiked a big fever two nights ago. It was a long rough night. The next day I took him to the doctor and he has an ear infection and a cold. It's amazing how fast antibiotics work. He felt much better this morning. He even got to go to school for the very first time. (I stayed the whole 3 hours just to reassure him, but he really didn't need me.) He had a blast. Tonight he ate his dinner and Ahren's too!

This evening both Ahren and Levi are coughing and have fevers and I am feeling pretty awful. Oh great, just when I need all the energy I can muster I am knocked low by a stinkin virus. Then we got an e-mail from Levi's school that a stomach bug is going around. Oh man, not that!!! Anything but that!!!

Otherwise, we are doing great. Lots of bonding work going on, lots of snuggling and talking (both Ahren and Lil S) and lots of reassurances all around. Did you know that for every bad thing a child hears or thinks it takes at least 50 good things to undo the damage to their self-esteem? That is why you have to repeat everything over and over and over until your mind is numbed and you are about to explode. It's the same way with simple everyday activities. Do you know how many times a day I say 'put on your shoes' and yet we NEVER leave the house without shoes. Aw, the primitive brain.

Levi and Lil S have really bonded. Levi is so sweet, helping him, hugging him, and they play so well together. They are a lot alike, those two. Ahren, well, he is a jealous mess, as expected. He is getting lots of positive attention and guidance. It's weird, because he is younger than Lil S but so much bigger. He also acts quite a bit younger. Lil S is quite self-sufficient where Ahren NEEDS help with everything. He is my little Princess!!!

Oh, and Lil S? He has the best manners ever. So polite! What a cutie!!!!

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Phyllis said...

Love to hear how well you all are doing...well, except for the sickness. Hope everyone feels better soon.