Friday, January 22, 2010

Bringing the week to a close

Ahren has a double ear infection and bronchitis, Levi is still down with the nasty fever from the virus and Lil S is coughing but feeling pretty good.

Here is Lil S with his hair spiked up for school today. Even though Ahren couldn't go, Lil S still wanted to go and had a wonderful time. I didn't stay today but he did great.

I felt so rotten yesterday that I caved and got McFast food for the boys for dinner. You would have thought they had won a trip to Disney they were so happy.
The cheesy grin. Little goofball.
This is from the first day of school. Bag packed, new school clothes and raring to go. He goes three mornings a week and is in the same class as Ahren, which is taught by a good friend of mine. They didn't have room for him, but the day I called, thirty minutes later another parent called and withdrew their child. The hand of God is all over this!
I tried to get a good pic of Ahren for this post, and this is what I got. At least Mina looks adorable.


angelia said...

Love the pictures!

Terri said...

Sorry to hear about everyone being under the weather!

I'm still sooooo happy for You, little S and Your family!

Vanessa said...

Sending well wishes your way!! Lil S is adorbale!!

Lisa said...

He is such a cute little guy. You are so blessed and such a good mommy. Hope everyone is better soon.