Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fear me, I am a woman with tools

Remember when I mentioned that we were down one toilet after a toddler lego flushing experiment? it happened right before a weekend when Chris was scheduled to be out of town. In addition to being on my own with the munchkin crowd I was also getting sick. My solution was to turn off the water to the toilet and tape the lid shut. I left it this way until both my health and my mental fortitude were aligned. (Calling a plumber was out of the question because I am just that cheap!) 

Yesterday I tackled the job. New wax ring? Check. All the water drained? Check. Old towels? Check. Various tools? Check! By the time Chris found me the toilet was lying on the floor and I had already removed 5 large plastic blocks from it's inner workings. (Chris is used to such behavior from his spousal partner and managed to contain himself to one small sigh and a slight eye-roll...hee!) We removed four more blocks and then I removed the old wax and caulk, cleaned up the floor, situated the new wax ring and placed the new bolts. Here is where I failed, though. I couldn't lift the darn thing back up onto the site myself. I may have tools, but muscles..not so much. Chris lifted it back on and I re-attached everything. I turned on the water and fired that puppy up. No leaks!!! 

I am woman, hear me roar! 

Wow, blogger went absolutely bonkers with this post. It took me quite a while to delete all the un-finished versions of this post that it uploaded. Seriously, I was very proud of my toilet repairing skills but not THAT proud!

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Angie said...

Good job!
We have replaced many a toilet in our homes because of kids. And by WE I mean HE. I have seen it done and don't ever wish to tackle that job, especially on my own. Kudos to you!