Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Floor

Wow, the difference the new floor makes is incredible. The room looks huge.  I need to get an area rug to help reduce the noise. It looks like wood, right? It's not. Not laminate, or Pergo or anything else related. It's some sort of space age polymer that is indestructible. It has only been available commercially for industrial use until recently. In fact, you may have seen some version of this on the floors of Wally Worlds. (It comes looking like tile, wood, etc) I figure if it can withstand the multitudes of mega-shoppers it can stand up to my kids. 

It's textured like wood on the surface, too. Water won't hurt it, it won't stain or chip or dent. It comes with a 20 year guarantee. If it ever does get damaged, say you drop an anvil on it, they use a heat gun to loosen the glue and then just glue in a new piece. 
We went for the low-shine variety. It's less slippery and easier to keep looking nice. 
it took 6 hours to remove the carpet, prep the concrete and install and trim about 500 square feet of space. 
This particular variety/brand is called Van Gogh. I am in love......


gail said...

Long time lurker coming out of hiding to say your floor is beautiful. I know you must be so excited to have this product in your home with all the little ones who live and play there.

May I ask the name of the product?


Dana said...

I love it. Can I get it for my walls and bathrooms, too. Good choice!
Love You!