Thursday, September 24, 2009


Bullet point highlights of our week. 

1) I am sick. Again. That is the downside to working with kids and having your own four kids in four different schools. I am a veritable viral magnet. I never knew snot came in so many colors.....TMI?

2) Ahren flushed large plastic lego blocks down the toilet making it inoperable, the day before Chris went out of town. It is now taped shut and waiting for rescue.

3) Levi was taking a bath and decided to pour the entire, brand-new super-sized bottle of baby soap into the tub, then turn on the shower sprayer on causing bubbles to multiply like the swine flu bug. 

4) Took the kids to the dentist and Ahren has 2 cavities that need to be filled, but he is not yet cooperative enough to have them filled without sedating him. Do I wait? Do I let them knock him out just for 2 fillings? Ugh! if I ignore it will they go away?????

5) When I took my current job I was the fourth Vision Therapist on staff. Due to odd circumstances,  I will soon be the ONLY therapist on staff. To say I am a bit anxious about that...well, the word understatement comes to mind. I love what I do but I only have a surface knowledge of all that is therapy. Luckily they want to send me to California for training. Dana, sweet sister of mine, can I bunk at your house for a few weekends? I will bring brownies and lots of hugs!

6) Tomorrow, bright and early, a man named Oscar is coming to make a huge mess in my house. We are tearing out all the carpet in the main living areas and replacing it with an industrial product that looks just like wood but is virtually indestructible. Seriously, this stuff comes with a 20 year guarantee. I am thinking of having them do all the floor and halfway up the walls then installing a giant floor drain. I could just pull the hose into the living room and do a quick wash up! 

7) I am OK with waiting on Ahren's testing. It is scheduled for next Wed. We will have some results within a couple of days, but the genetic testing will take a few weeks to get results. On the other hand, I find myself watching every little move he makes. He was riding on the side of the grocery cart the other day and just couldn't hang on. His little arms just shook and he had to hop off. Another time he was standing next to me while I was on the phone and when he looked up at me he lost his balance and fell down. He was just standing there and toppled over. And then there is his goofy, oddball run. he runs kind of sideways, with his left leg not bending much, and his arms pumping like there is no tomorrow. This kid is either the goofiest little sweetheart around or seriously messed up. My dear friend Candy called him a 'Weeble Wobble' and that is the perfect name for him. Sweet, chunky and prone to tipping over. 

And now, I have a date with a bottle of serious cold medicine that will hopefully leave me senseless for many hours. Adieu, adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.


Vanessa said...

Sending well wishes your way because it's no fun when mommy is sick!!

Julie said...

Get well soon! Are you getting Pergo?? We LOVE LOVE LOVE ours! Best idea hubby ever, ever had!

Crystal said...


Hello! Long time no talk my friend! I still read I am just now more of a lousy lurker! I love your posts you always crack me up!

Your little guy Ahren reminds me so much of our Levi--our little guy falls over ALL THE TIME he also does not have any depth perception and is constantly running into things like doors and tables. These are things that have not moved but it like he forgets the amount of space you have to walk not to bump into it--my poor little guy :)

I don't know if any of that made any sense but everyone notices it because he almost gives me heart attack daily with his constant falling ;).

Our next step is to take him to an orthopedic doc to try to find some answers. Mild Cerebal palsy has been thrown around too since he was little but I just don't know. I think part of me was in denial thinking he would grow out of it but he hasn't.

I will be praying for your doctors to have wisdom in Ahren's case --whatever is going on with our boys as cliche as it sounds I know God will help us figure it out--just so happy they are here with us and soo sooo sooo special!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Homecoming's tomorrow!!
Ohh & I got certified in taping wrists yesterday(:


P.s. I'll send you pics of homecoming week at Boyd.