Friday, September 04, 2009


Well it looks like Ahren's phase is getting much better. I have the sneaking suspicion that all the recent changes were behind the un-acceptable behaviors. And I don't mean just the pee-ing issues. He was also an argumentative, growling, spitting, kicking little ball of issues. He has never been like that so I was caught completely off guard. We stuck to the rules, staying consistent with him (as in: known consequences each and every time he did something like spit or kick) We didn't punish him for the potty mishaps other than the day he wore wet pants for an hour. (Hey, I had a weak moment...I'm human) Yesterday and accidents. No fits. No time outs. Whew! And he is doing great in his pre-school class. In fact, I thought we had a little genius on our hands when he brought home the most perfectly written letters...until I found out the teacher 'helped' him after he gave her the big ol' doe eyes. 

Levi now loves his school. In fact, he told me that the wigglies in his stomach are all gone! (His fears making him have butterflies) Earlier this week he asked if he could buy lunch at school. I gave him money and told him how it worked and he was so excited. That evening, I asked him about lunch. here is what he told me:

Levi, what did you have for lunch?

I don't know but it was gross. It looked like chicken on the outside, but it wasn't chicken on the inside. 

It looks like school lunches have not gotten any better.....

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sarah bess said...

cracking up. I remember our school used to make pizza with leftovers--peas, corn, green beans... Now it doesn't sound so bad, but then it was like, "Gross!"