Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The heat here has been horrific. It was 104 F yesterday and that wasn't including the heat index. Just trying to run errands or get from one place to another is exhausting. Yes, each store is air conditioned, but the car heats up so fast it is torture to get in. You can feel the heat radiating off of the cement and it feels like a convection oven. 

Chris's birthday was Tuesday. We bought him a recliner chair and reading lamp for the sunroom, plus some lounge wear and his favorite snacks. I let the kids pick out a cake for him and this is what they picked. A giant hamburger cake. I was doubtful, but it was really tasty.

This is the only activity we can do outdoors right now. The water is almost too warm though. More like bath water than a swim. 
We are sure getting our money out of this pool. Ninety bucks and we have spent many, many hours enjoying it. It has a filter and pump that help keep it crystal clear. 

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