Sunday, June 28, 2009


My friend Candy is my opposite. I love her to pieces, so maybe opposites really do attract. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

Candy has style. Real style. Me? I have style, it's called 'Frumpy Dowdy'. You might have seen Susan Boyle, the singing sensation wearing a few of my things.

Candy is on the go 24/7/365. The girl is NEVER home, and if she is she is entertaining. I am ALWAYS at home and the only people I entertain are the 5 and under crowd. If you are thrilled with cheese puffs and chicken nuggets, my house is the bomb. 

Candy visits Disney World every few months. I visit Disney World about once a decade, if I'm lucky.

Candy drives a cool brand new Cadillac SUV. I drive a pitted out mini-van complete with melted crayons and sour milk smell. 

Candy's kids are always decked out in brand new adorable matching outfits. They look like an ad for Parenting Magazine. I am lucky if my kids have clothes ON. 

Candy is itty-bitty. She must be about 5 feet tall and about 90 pounds soaking wet. Me? I feel like an amazon, towering above her and out-weighing her by a whole entire person. 

Candy goes to cool concerts, like No Doubt, and has a blast. I go to recitals and cheer competitions and do the Mom thing. 

Candy is all heart. I have never met a person who gives of herself so selflessly all the time. Her heart is always on her sleeve. I am much more jaded. I try but m y heart is just not as pure as it used to be. 

Candy has been having a rough time lately. Her sweet and trusting nature leads her with her heart. She is one of the most open and honest people I have ever met and it makes me disheartened to see her hurt. There are so very few people who are so trusting and open that I fear she is one-of-a-kind. A unicorn in our world.

So even though we are so very opposite and different, I see how much she is hurting and I care. My sweet, itty-bitty adorable friend, I love you!!!!


ManyBlessings said...

Love that girl too! ((HUGS)) Candy!

Andrea said...

I've never met her, but I know from other friends (Holly) that she is the biggest soft-hearted, fun loving, toe grabber ever. ;) I am sorry she's having a rough time. But she'll come through this because she's got a lot of spunk in that little frame!

Vanessa said...

Wendy you hit the nail on the head with this post!! It sucks to see good people suffer! I REALLY want to make my way over to TX to meet you because Candy told me I would LOVE you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
I am just a Grandma from South Australia, who only knows you through your post and think that you are as beautiful as your friend is and I know that the world would be a better place if it had more people like you in it.
With you by her side your friend will make it through what ever she is going through and will become wiser and stronger.
Kind Regards
Jo from South Austrlaia

Phyllis said...

You are so right! We love that sweet girl, too. Please give her a big hug for me since I am too far away to do it myself :)

Marianne said...

Wendy...what a good friend you are. I only know Candy through her blog which I dearly miss since she went private, but it is obvious what a sweet spirit fun loving special person she is. I'm sure she feels blessed to have you as one of her good friends.

Kelly said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Candy last summer and SHE ROCKS!!!!

Julie said...

We met Candy in Guate while she was living with her gorgeous Kya at the Marriott and we were visiting our sweet Libby. She was SO friendly and nice! I miss her blog too, but I love her FB posts. It's so nice to see someone who just loves everyday as it comes!!!

Candy said...

Always Wendy always you know how to crack me up and make my day brighter...FYI you r so funny and cleaver I think some of my friends want to come see me just to meet YOU...ok the Susan boyle well as funny as it was is not true and whatever I saw u shop it up at Janie
and Jack. I hate the fact that I have
had to cut off good people just to get the NUTS out of my otherwise creamy dreamy peanut butter life. When I get home I am heading out to your "farm" where my kids van run naked too... Or waer their underwear on their heads.


Karen said...

Delurking to comment on this post!! I always read Candy's blog and loved reading about her family adventures!! I hadn't checked it in a while because the last time I read she said she was stopping. I am sorry she is having trouble, I hate it when I read of people in the blogging world having trouble from those who attack them for no reason other than they think they have a right. It just plain sucks!

Mary... your kids are adorable!!