Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Conservation in unique ways

  I care about our earth. My family comes from native Americans on my mothers side. My Uncle, known as Eagle feather, was a Shaman in the tribe (a medicine man). The threads of their beliefs have wound their way into our lives even though I personally have never been on the reservation or participated in any ceremonies. 

  So with that in mind, I use cloth bags to shop with, make our laundry detergent (most of the time), have a garden, bake from scratch when I can, and love to plant native plants in my yard. We have a pond full of fish, frog and turtles. We feed the deer. I joke that we are rednecks but honestly we are suburbanites trying to 'live the life' on a small acreage outside of Houston. My husband grew up on a farm. I have always lived in the city, but at heart I think I am somewhat of a country girl. 

So I am going to share with y'all (have to throw in a lil Texan) a few of my more unique ways of conserving. And then you can tell me if I am brilliant or actually a Redneck!

A swim in the pool at the end of the day is as good as a bath. 
Savings: water, gas to heat the water, soap, septic tank function & electricity
Down side: boys don't smell like lavender (I can live with that)
Upside: Boys are tired and asleep by 7:30 pm

Let the boys run around in boxer shorts only.
Savings: water, soap, electricity, my time
Down side: Boys are running around in only boxer shorts if someone drops by (You have been warned)
Upside: They love it and I don't have to fight with them to get them dressed

Buy clippers set and cut boys hair myself
Savings: trips to hair place and $15 per cut
Downside: Um, they look like their mother cut their hair
Upside: I used the same clippers to cut the stupid dogs hair since she can't return to the cheapo pet store to get her hair cut (I wash them in between)

Use coupons and better choices to save on groceries
Savings: About $150 per week
Downside: No snack cakes, high-end chips and other treats we loved
Upside: healthier eating! 

Buy clothes that fit both boys
Savings: one entire wardrobe
Downside: some don't fit quite as well and I still have to get separate jeans (and shoes) due to their differences in height, etc
Upside: Lots less clothes to keep track of, choose from and buy!

Use Chris' old jeans to sew dog beds
Savings: I have no idea what a dog bed would cost, but considering Jackson weighs about 130 pounds I am sure it would NOT be cheap.
Downside: I have to take the time to do it
Upside: I sew them so the covers come off and are washable. The thick denim is durable and lasts forever. Plus very little heads for the landfill.

What unique ways do you have to save time, money and our mother earth?


Angie said...

Love it all! I am happy to hear I am not the only one who thinks a dip in the pool is as good as a bath. Its probably just us "seasoned" moms :0)

Vanessa said...

I love seeing post like this because it gives me great tips!!

Cherrie said...

Redneck or not, YOU ROCK! and make me chuckle...

Anonymous said...

Compost! I keep a small container on my counter where I put everything that goes in the compost bin. It is amazing how many things can be composted. Between that, recycling and freecycling, it has dramatically reduced what I throw out. Now I just need to get the energy to plant the garden so I can use all that great new dirt. So keep writing and posting pictures of your flowers and veggies - it keeps me inspired!


Deb said...

I garden- we have 4 4x4 foot beds- this year we have already gotten 5 cucumbers, 1/2 pint of strewberries, 3 zucchinnis and a ton of lettuce- seriously I wish the deer woudl come eat some lettuce becuase I can eat it all.

I hang clothes out to dry on the line- when I remember to pull them out of the washer before 5 pm. You would think that working at home would make it easier - but so not the case.

I bought a 1/2 side of beef- raised locally and we have been eating on that for the last few months. COme join us for a grill out cause we have lots of beef to still eat.

Ima trying to not to buys us things we don't need and I am on a huge clean out spree in my house- so far 10 boxes have been fonated to goodwill along with 4 bags of clothes and there are still 2 more rooms to work through.

I love your ideas though- pool for bathing and boxers for clothes. now if I could get my daycare provider (sister) to go for it.

love to you,