Thursday, June 25, 2009

Laundry and Collisions

Mama got herself some new toys! We have been talking about getting a new set of front-loading super-efficient washer/dryer for a while. Last weekend, after Levi threw up in our bed it took me more than 6 hours to wash and dry the king-sized mattress pad, sheets and comforter in our old set. They have now been moved to the barn and these new beauties arrived yesterday. 

I am in love! I was having such a good time I actually ran around the house looking for things I could wash! The excitement seriously got to me. I was giddy!!!!

Little Vanna showing off the new washer

How funny is it that they watched the tumbling more than TV yesterday????

The other excitement around here has to do with Ahren's head and Levi's nose. Yesterday, they were both coming around a corner at the same time, opposite directions and WHAMMO. Ahren's forehead took out Levi's nose. We applied ice to both, but Levi's nose definitely got the short end of the deal. 

See the knot on Ahren's head? 
It matches up with the bridge of Levi's nose. It looks a lot better here than it did before 90 minutes of ice. We took him to the doctor and they said he probably has a hairline fracture but there isn't anything you can really do for it. Today his eyes are starting to turn a little black, but it could have been a lot worse. Honestly, the pictures don't really show it very well. There is a blue bulge on either side of the bridge of his nose. Poor baby!


Vanessa said...

Glad you got your new toy!! I have been hearing lots of my friends rave about their front loaders and I've been considering it myself because man we wash a TON of clothes here too!!

Angie said...

Welcome to the front-loading club! Aren't they awesome? I started with just the washer several years ago, and I stood and watched it too! Fascinating, huh? A few years later, I got the dryer to match, and a few years after that I finally got the bottoms bases so they are raised up. No more bending and is it ever wonderful???? (I have back issues). Wait for a nice sale and then get yourself the bases, not only do you not have to bend over, you have more storage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy,
I read your blog daily, comment once or twice, but LOVE your blog! My question is now that you have a front load washer, can you still use your home made laundry detergent in it? I have a front load too and was interested to know. Thanks!
Deb in Maryland