Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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I have wanted to participate in this for so long, but I am perpetually 'a day late and a dollar behind'. Sigh.

So here goes. I did finally figure out how to get their heading and blog button over here. Uh, yeah, Brent had it all lined out with simple instructions like 'Copy and paste'. Apparently even that can be a bit challenging for me! 

This weeks Hi: I am almost finished with my pharmacy course. I just have the final exam and project to turn in. I have maintained a high-90's average over the 240 course hours of work and I have really enjoyed it!

This weeks Lo: We cannot get any information on our sweet PBJ. The agency refuses to return our calls or e-mails. I can't get in touch with the attorney (who also refuses to turn the case over to a new atty) and I fear we are at the end of the journey. I just wish I knew. I can't move forward until I know something. Anything. I can take the bad news better than not knowing. 


noahandlylasmommi said...

I am praying for you!

Faith, Family, Future said...

Oh my friend. My heart literally aches to read your low. I am so heavy hearted and I totally empathize with you. I have finally begun to grieve a little and am attempting to let go but it is so hard.

I was leaving my daughters softball game this week and saw a beautiful little Hispanic girl that was about Gabriela's age. I literally stopped and fell into a puddle of tears, weeping like I haven't wept in a long time. It was such an unreal hurt. Too hard to think about at times but never really leaves my heart or mind.

I am praying this is not the end for you and PBJ. You all will stay in my thoughts and prayers.

Dana said...

No news is still hope, and I know you still have hope no matter how hard it is. I grieve for the wonderful woman in Faith, Family, Future; Tammy. I know God is with us and with all those children. Someday we will know all as we see HIM face to face. I love you more than lemon juice and I have not stopped praying.
Love You!