Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Where do you go on Mother's Day when you want to have fun with the family and not fight big crowds?

Space Center Houston!

We rode the trams and went on the tours.
Who knew the rockets were so huge? Even this picture doesn't do them justice.
Earth to Levi, can you hear me???
There is a really awful joke here, but I am resisting, resisting, resisting.......
We ate lunch.
We watched shows and demonstrations and learned so much.
The weather was awesome that day.
I got to hold my honey's hand and sneak a few kisses.
Mission Control where all space missions are now run from. There is another room in this same building that controls the International Space Station.
Seth worked really hard all day to NOT have fun. Ahren was trying to imitate him for the camera.....
but he couldn't keep a straight face. Seth failed at his endeavor and had a good time in spite of himself.
Real rockets. Wow!
This one below is taller than the Statue of Liberty. It is really hard to see the enormity of these in a picture.
You know when the boosters separate from the rocket after the fuel is spent? Well this is what it looks like. On TV it seems so small....LOL!

It was an awesome day, exactly what I was hoping for. No crowds, lots of fun, and good family time.

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