Thursday, May 17, 2012

*%%$&$@#^ Dog Gone It!!!

  I want to say some very, very bad words, but I promised myself a long time ago to clean up my language so that little ears and mouths did not follow suit. I am regretting that promise today!

  Today, my 6 year old son took a knife to school. Not just any knife. Heck no, it couldn't have been a PlayDoh knife or a butter knife. It had to be a big pocket knife of the pop-out scary bladed variety. The gym teacher caught him showing it to other kids and took it away.

  They have not contacted me yet. Luckily I have two brothers to tattle on him so I have a head's up on this. I am worried about the 'zero-tolerance' policy.  What happens to a 6 year old who brings a weapon to school? I am a mess. Alternative school? Suspension? Court????

  How did he get this knife? He saw where his Daddy kept it, figured out how to arrange furniture to climb that high, and planned a time when he could accomplish this feat without being seen. In short, this was pre-meditated. By a child with poor impulse control and anger management issues. I think I might hyperventilate.

Poop I can handle.
Pee I can handle.
Lying I can handle.
So many things I can handle.
But this?



Kathy said...

I can't believe the school hasn't contacted you yet! I would think they would do that before sending him home. Good luck.

Deb said...

Oh my. sending you prayers

Love and hugs,

Reba said...

I am surprised too that the school hasn't contacted you yet. I don't think our school would go overboard in that situation...especially considering the age. I wish I could give you a big hug though (one of mine had a bad day at weapons though). I understand.

ManyBlessings said...

Oh crap....

Mike and Christie said...

So sorry.... glad there wasn't a rule about nun chucks when our sons went to school! My 6 year old found tampons.... tied 2 together and took them to school as nun chucks. :)

I hope the zero tolerance doesn't cause an issue.
To me, zero tolerance makes no sense because it expects perfection, and we are not perfect creatures.

Diana said...

I think it's end-of-year-itis. My kids have pulled out crazy stuff too. It bites.

I have a big problem with the school not contacting you! I hope they have by now. If not, I'd be for raking the school over the coals for letting something like this slide. It's a safety issue, not just for your son, but for other kids as well.

One of the things I might try to do with the kid is prescribe it. Oh, you love knives, now. That's wonderful. You now get to carry this one with you with the blade out everywhere it's safe for you to do so...out on your bike, in the shower, while watching tv, anyhwere possible so it takes the power out of it.