Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bad A$$ Barbie

Kaytee's nickname was Barbie in high school. I think you can see why. But now she has a new nickname...

Meet Bad A$$ Barbie!

I always worry about my girls and their ability to defend themselves and keep themselves safe. To that end, Kaytee and I have taken self-defense classes together, and she has been taking a Body Combat class for over a year. She is long and lean but very strong.

Recently, she was at the pool with a bunch of friends and one of the guys in the group was complaining about this other girl that would not leave him alone. This other girl liked him and would not take No for an answer. He is a good friend of Kaytee's but nothing more. When Kaytee and her two girlfriends got up to leave, the guy stood up, gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek to say goodbye. As the girls walked out of the pool, this other girl came up behind them and punched Kaytee from behind, a true sucker punch.

And then Kaytee did what she has trained to do. Without thinking, she whirled around, lowered her center of gravity and put her weight into one punch aimed at disabling her attacker. She didn't know who it was, but she hit the girl square in the face and then ran away. (Our martial arts master has taught us to disable the attacker and get away, not to fight.) Kaytee ran to her friends apartment crying. She was terrified and terribly upset. She had no idea in the heat of the moment who had attacked her. After a little while, another freind came to tell her that it was this other jealous girl who was the attacker. There were many witnesses at the pool who saw the whole thing.

The next day Kaytee learned that the girl had to get stitches and that she was postin a bunch of garbage about Kaytee. Kaytee ignored it. Then the following Friday night Kaytee was at a graduation celebration and that girl and her friends were there. Kaytee was a little nervous, worried that the girl would attack her again. Instead, a guy came up to Kaytee and begged her not to beat that girl up, please don't start anything. Kaytee laughed out loud because she would NEVER do that! Apparently the girl talked a lot of trash but was actually scared.

Things are fine now. Kaytee earned her new nickname and the other girl has calmed down. Me? I am proud of my daughter for being able to defend herself but also for doing the right thing. Master Foster would be proud of her too!


Reba said...

Wow! Impressive!

ManyBlessings said...

Hahaha!!! Good girl Kaytee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Katie