Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun pictures

This is how Levi sleeps every night. Buried in a bed of boxers. 
Sorry about the big slimy finger print in the center of the lens. I didn't realize someone had boogered it until I downloaded the pics.

I am fierce! I am dangerous! I am Crawfish Crusader!!!
Well, not so fierce that little boys didn't carry them around.
These were 'rescues' from a crawfish boil we went to recently. They eventually were set free in our pond.
Gee, they figured out a new talent. I am so proud. Now I have to worry about footprints to clean off the doorways in additions to handprints. Sweet......
I have the feeling that this is the mastermind behind this new talent.
Not quite tall enough to really master this. Thank goodness!!! I have to scrape this kids off the ceiling often enough as it is.


Anonymous said...

They saw boxers are great who kids. So sweet

Reba said...

My kids LOVE to climb the doorway. Seriously, why do we have a trampoline and a swingset? I just need a doorway...