Saturday, May 26, 2012


Well, we waited to see what would happen to our little deviant, and nothing happened. I was not sure if I was happy or mad. So on Friday, during the kindergarten program, I sought out the school counselor and asked her about it. She was shocked there had been no consequences and agreed with me that they had to happen or Seth would never understand this was wrong. We went straight to the school 'enforcer', I'm not sure what her title is, but she is in charge of the consequences. We talked and we all agreed that something had to happen for him to learn from this. So on Tuesday, the first day back at school, he will be sent to 'In School Suspension' where he gets to do school work all day long and not socialize with his peers. He works alone, eats alone, plays alone. Plus, the rest of the school has their end-of-the-year awards assembly which he will miss.

I feel good and bad. Good for me to make sure he learned a lesson. Bad for this Mama Bear that she is not protecting her cub. Overall, this is good. Just hard for me.

Oh, and little man does not have have a backpack anymore or pants with pockets. This is to ensure he cannot carry anything to school or home from school he shouldn't. Hahahahahahah


Reba said...

I know that was hard to do. At the same time, you are doing the right thing. I really wish I had a classroom of parents like you. Many parents we deal with are much more into the protecting Junior part than the helping teach a lifetime lesson. And I know as a mom, that is hard to goes against our mommy's hearts. But you did do the right thing. I LOVE the no backpack thing. :)

Unknown said...

I too used the no pockets tactic for compulsive was kind of a pain to find pants without pockets. But 2 years later, my younger soon to be adopted son said, upon hearing the story, "Well, why didn't you just cut the bottoms out of the pockets?" Ummmm, duh? Hopefully that will save you a bit of money.