Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching up with pictures

Here is a pic of the cake I ordered for Ahren's Gotcha day. Not only is the word butchered, it's not centered, the icing is full of cake crumbs and the exclamation point is giant sized. I am definitely going to submit it to Cake Wrecks, one of my all time favorite web sites for a good laugh. Oh, and I asked for brightly colored icing decorations. Nice squiggles, huh?

We made a decision on schooling the little guys. I was all set to fight to keep Ahren's spot in the public pre-k, but then we visited the school, met the teacher and learned about the curriculum. To say I was under-whelmed is putting it mildly. Why would I want to fight to keep my child in a class with too many kids, to learn things he already knows, and to be bused all over the place.

So we pulled Seth out, too, and I set about downloading a ton of worksheets and ideas from education.com. We had our first 'school' time this morning.
My goals for this year are to 1) teach them to write their names, 2) get their pre-writing skills mastered and begin writing, 3) learn to identify numbers 1-20 and all capital and lower case letter, 4) learn the sounds all the letters make, and 5) learn rhyming words.
They loved it and I accomplished more than they would have in a morning at school in about 15 minutes here. I am working on teaching them how to hold the pencil properly and to have good paper support. Learn the foundation first and you can build anything on it!
Proof that we have the laziest, most laid-back boxer on earth. If anyone is sitting or laying down he is asleep on them in an instant.
Ashley and levi entertaining themselves with the webcam on my laptop.
More lazy dog proof (I mean Buster, not Chris!) These are the only boys that take naps anymore around here.
I invested in a heavy-duty manual meat grinder. My original idea was that I needed this to make pickle relish (of which I now have at least a years supply canned and stored in the pantry). Then I got to thinking, hey, what if i used it to make my own ground beef? I watched for sales on good cuts of beef and recently scored 4 1/2 pounds of lean beef for $1.99 a pound. I ran it through the grinder and voila! Lean ground beef on the cheap. I divided it up and froze most of it, then a made a meatloaf with the rest. I also cooked some and added it to home made pizzas. Very lean, no 'pieces and parts' that can show up in regular hamburger meat, very low fat, and less expensive. I also used child labor to keep the costs down.....hee hee.

And more lazy dog proof. Levi is kissing him as he sleeps on the couch with his toys.
Lap o'Boys. Undoubtedly watching something to do with explosions or motorcycles or guns....
Who got into the powdered sugar donuts? It's almost supper time!
Cookie monsters. Too bad they didn't know these were healthy peanut butter, whole wheat and flax cookies...... And no we didn't adopt another boy. He is just visiting for a play date.

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