Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh What A Week!

Which should also be titled, 'The week wherin I needed more cuss words".

This week was many things, mostly crazy. No, not the kids. Actually they were pretty good! It was absolutely everything else. Murphy's Law played in there big time. So let me see if I can lay it out for you.

Monday was the day Kaytee was scheduled to move into her college apartment. Coincidentally, Chris also got a jury summons for that day. There was NO way Kaytee and I could move all her furniture by ourselves, so it was time to punt. Chris contacted the courts and they allowed him to re-schedule. We had reserved a small moving truck that we could load the afternoon before and return monday evening. Unfortunately, when we went to pick it up, the reservation was messed up and we were supposed to return it by 4 pm the SAME day. We talked the woman into an additional day (at a full days extra charge) which meant the next person now had NO truck. I felt bad but had no other options. We spent the rest of the day loading my mini-van and the moving van with 3000 boxes of clothes and shoes plus a little furniture.

Monday morning we were up and at-em early. Kaytee and I got to the apt complex at 8:15, checked in and headed to her apt. it is awesome. Way better than my first apt, heck, way better than most places I have lived! She and I spent an hour hauling tons of small stuff up 2 and 3 flights of stairs. (She is actually in a 2 story town-home that is on the 2nd and 3rd stories) By this time it was 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Chris pulled up in the moving van just as we sat down to cool off. The next hour we spent unloading the van (OK, cute story here. Our van was parked near at least 3 other vans. Those all had young men hauling their stuff up into their apt's. Next thing we knew, a crew of 5 college boys showed up and within 20 minutes unloaded our van and had everything in the apt. Kaytee stood there handing out cold waters and thanking them. They then came back an hour later to see if she needed any MORE help. They never once moved any of the other guys stuff. Hmmm, wonder why?) Anyway, by the time Kaytee's father and sister arrived, we were unpacking and organizing. We had a blast getting her all settled. What a fun (but extremely HOT) time we had. How cool is it that my ex-husband and wonderful dear husband can come together all for a child and work so hard. Those two guys worked together to build furniture and hook up electronics, like old friends. I am so, so, so lucky and so are the kids. All of them.

Tuesday I had to take Ahren to have yet another speech evaluation for the school district. For many months now we have been working towards having both Seth and Ahren in the school Pre-K program. Initially, Ahren was a shoe-in because he spoke only spanish for the first 3 years of his life. That automatically qualified him as ESL. (English as a Second Language) I told them form the start that he did NOT speak any spanish, but it didn't matter. Seth qualified, after much discussion, because there is a new rule that any child having ever been in the custody of DCFS in the state automatically qualified. I checked back regularly to be sure it was still a go. Then last week they decided that they needed to test Ahren one more time to be able to place him in the correct class. They assured me it was only a matter of which class, not qualification. So Tuesday afternoon we went to the school and he did his thing. Surprisingly, he knew NO spanish. Duh! The next day they called me to tell me he was disqualified. They apologized and were so very sorry, but No. We had already bought all the school supplies, set up a transportation plan, and gotten him all excited.

The worst part was that when we went to Meet-the-Teacher night last night,. his name was on a desk, on the board and the teacher greeted him. Even she didn't know he had been bumped out. He was sooooo upset. How can we send one and not the other. They NEED each other. That was part of the plan, to help their attachment. They need to stay together.

Now I am in a pickle. If Seth stays in this Pre-K program, I have to get him and Levi to 2 different schools in 2 different directions at the same time each morning. And Ahren has NO place to go. Levi could ride the bus, but the bus stop is 1.2 miles from our house and the bus come an hour before school starts. Thats a pretty big demand on a 7 year old. I hate to not let Seth get the free services he qualifies for, but then again his emotional well-being is more important at this point.

So I spent the morning going from facility to facility in our area, checking out Pre-K classes and child-care options, searching for an answer. I have some options, one being very good but still not locked down. School starts next Monday and I think only Levi will be in attendance.

OK, if that wasn't enough, Wednesday was Ahren's 2nd Gotcha Day. We plan to celebrate this weekend. He won't realize it is a few days late. Seth needs 4 shots before school starts (if he goes to the public school) and we had to cancel a therapy appointment this week to make room for the chaos and Buster, our puppy, got neutered on Wed too. Add in a migraine I had on Tuesday that left me in pain and throwing up and it was a party week!

I have not been sleeping. I routinely fall asleep fine, but wake at 2 or 3 in the morning and am up for the duration. My mind is just a whirlwind.

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