Thursday, May 21, 2009

She may be blonde....

but this girl is no dummy! 
We have a statewide mandatory testing system called TAKS. It is a HUGE deal in Texas. They prepare all year for it, it takes an entire day of testing
for each area of study and the scores are extremely important to the school ratings and student placement. So guess who aced her this year? Yes siree Miss Kaytee. She got commended scores in math, english and social studies and only missed one question on the history portion, tying for the top score in the whole school. 
Also, last week, they had the awards ceremony for the visual arts department and Kaytee and her team won 5 1st place awards and several 2nd and 3rd place awards for a music video they made. I will try and link to it so you all can see it. It was really good. I was extremely proud until my goofball daughter got up to make an acceptance speech and thanked me for teaching her how to lie in a ditch (she had to do that in the video). Um, yeah, thanks. I wonder what the other parents and faculty thought....


Anonymous said...

To me, she'll always be the little girl I knew in Phoenix, so many years ago. I have some great memories of her!


Phyllis said...

Wow, that is awesome!! Can't wait to see the video.


What a beautiful intelligent girl! Congrats!

PS Why is it necessary to learn how to lie in a ditch? Hurricanes?