Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I'm not going to tell you about my Mother's day because you probably wouldn't believe me anyway, and if you did, you would hate me and be incredibly jealous. Just let it be known that this Momma has a huge grin on her face and is very, very happy.

The other day the Mommy over at The Accidental Mommy  posted about all those things she just KNEW she would do and be when/if she ever became a mother. She made me laugh out loud and also think back to a few of the things I just 'knew'. 

Before I had kids, I always knew that my kids would never go out of the house dressed in anything but decent, cute, matching, stylish clothes. When I first had Katie, even on a tight budget, this was no problem. She quite happily wore whatever I stuffed her pliable little body into and looked adorable in anything. Later, she began to voice her own choices in clothes so I solved the problem by always hanging complete outfits, with matching accessories, on hangers and letting her choose an outfit. That worked well for a long time. Then along came Ashley. Ashley, of the strong, opinionated, mouthy fashion-sensed toddler-hood and I began to crack. Did it really hurt if she wore the pink tennis shoes with the blue dress? it was just easier to give in on that and save the battles for the really important things. 

The boys have been pretty easy. Of course, there are much fewer choices in boys clothes than girls, so it simplifies things a lot. But still, I had my standards. I prefer khakis and polo shirts, button-downs and creased pants, the preppy look all the way.

here is what I love to se the boys dressed in: Their sweet easter outfits, and Levi even has on a tie! it is nerdy-mommy heaven, I tell you.

For everyday wear, here is a set of coordinating outfits. Navy blue and Khaki, you can never go wrong. Even their socks match. Aren't they handsome?
Yeah, well, those two photos happen to represent 2 days out of the past 2 months. And those happened with many threats, bribes and whining (on my part and theirs!) Here is what they normally look like. This is Levi, channeling his inner ninja/walk the line/emo side. Now, remember, it has been 90 degrees most days and yet he still insists on long pants and cowboy boots. 
That is, when I actually get him into clothes. most days if he is at home he is only half dressed. (This is better than it used to be, since at least he is HALF dressed instead of nekkid!)
I sent him to school one morning in a pair of distressed jeans and a cute shirt, and here is how he came home. Apparently the lure of that small hole in his knee was too much and he had to explore it. He reports that it made a wonderful rrrrrripping sound. Yeah. I'm sure.
This type of outfit is seen almost daily around here. it has been sighted at the grocery store, the library and the pet store. 
We seem to end up with a lot of plain ol' play clothes. I guess it is a lucky day when they actually don't clash. Note that he even has on red/white/blue socks, which coordinate nicely. 

Nowadays, if my children actually represent who I am as a mother, and reflect on me as a person, I would have to say I am mostly a SLOB. A fun loving, sometimes coordinated, still adorable, slob. But my kids are happy, they are clean, well fed, mannerly and bright. They may not be the fashionistas I envisioned, but I wouldn't change a thing. 

Hey Paula Z, Happy First Mother's Day with THREE daughters!!!! I love Y'all!!!!


Angie said...

I love the pic of Levi in the ripped jeans! Too funny!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well it may be only one time a year but the Easter pics are stunning! gorgeous boys!

Cherrie said...

You are my kind of Momma!!