Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to normal

Levi is pretty much back to normal. He has been a little quieter than usual (that was a nice surprise) but otherwise just fine. Thanks for all your well-wishes. It all happened so fast that I really didn't have much time to be scared, but I keep thinking about how he looked when they carried him out of the school and OMG!!! How do parents who face truly devastating things with their kids do it? My hats off to all of you. 

We are enjoying a quiet weekend here. It's rainy so no yard work. I am still busy painting. The small bathroom off the mudroom is now a lovely sunny yellow and the dining/sunroom are changing to a light cream color. It's all looking so much lighter and brighter. I started on the living room yesterday but I ran out of paint and didn't get around to picking up more today.

I am making vegetarian enchiladas for dinner and then we are having old fashioned root beer floats for dessert. Yum! Right now Chris and the boys are playing with the wooden marble maze construction set. You know, where you build it and the marble rolls down the little incline parts, dropping into the next section, etc. Old fashioned fun. 

I spent the afternoon with some special people. My girlfriend Melissa found out a couple of days ago that they will be bringing home their first child on Tuesday. They have been wanting to be parents for so long and just about every thing that could go wrong did. These parents have been waiting for years and their dream is finally coming true. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving or who will be better parents. Sometimes, when you have waited this long and wanted it so badly it is hard to accept it is finally happening. I know my friends are full of fear and apprehension and nothing I can say will make it less scary. Only time (and a screaming infant at 3 am) will make it seem real to them. My other friend Kristine and I took Melissa shopping. We spent time talking and walking every aisle of the mega baby store. We debated cloth versus disposable, Dr. Brown's versus Avent, pacifiers versus thumbs, Boudreaux's versus Balmex. You know, all the really important stuff. But mostly we just rejoiced with her. Reveled in the fact that on Tuesday, she will be a Mommy, and there will be one extremely lucky little peanut in their lives. Isn't adoption just the best thing ever!!!!!!! (And Melissa, when you read this, don't cry! You either Jason!!!! LOL!)


Paula said...


While we were going through our LONG adoption process I always said ,the one thing that would make it worse than it was , If we didn't have other childern already , Please send along congrats from me .I willbe looking for picture's.

Natalie C. said...

I just read what happened to Levi. OMG Wendy, I can't even imagine what you went through. I am so glad he is ok now.