Thursday, May 07, 2009

Getting my Mama Mojo on!

Ever since I lost my job at the end of January I have been pretty lazy. Suddenly there wasn't the need to run errands on my lunch hour, plan meals ahead, multi-task like a lunatic with my tailon fire.  I have enjoyed just bopping through the days with no plan and no pressure, but it has started to wear on me. I just don't feel like ME!

Now that I have a job and work late a couple of nights a week (OK, late to me is I have to work until 6pm. I know, pathetic, but it puts a crimp into the evening routine) I would get home, scramble to find something for dinner, get it cooked and on the table and then clean up, do baths, etc etc. I finally decided it was time to get organized. I planned some meals, each with the thought that it would provide for at least 2 meals in various forms. Tuesday I cut up a pork butt (hee, I said butt!) and threw it in the crockpot with barbeque sauce. When I strolled in the door I threw some garlic rolls in the oven and whipped up a fruit salad. Wednesday i prepared a meatloaf before work, and Nanny threw it in the oven for me at 5:30. I pulled a container of real mashed taters out of the freezer (when I make them I make a ton and freeze the extras in dinner-size portions) When I rolled in the door, I took the cover off of the meatloaf, went and watered the garden (I was hoping to get some tomatoes for a fresh salad) and then heated up the potatoes and dinner was served. (Ahren ate 2 man-sized servings of potatoes!) Tonight we will have the leftover BBQ pork, cooked down and made into pork sandwiches. 

This week I have also mowed the majority of the lawn (4 hours on a riding mower and my back is killing me), painted a bathroom, been to the library, doctors office, grocery store, bank, school, paid the bills and shaved my legs! I am working the Mommy Mojo hard. 


Terri said...

Your a busy lady Wendy!!! Very impressive! Mowing a back yard and painting a bathroom all in one week!? Super Mom!!!

Cherrie said...

Any interest in relocating to PA??

Ellie said...





PS... Lumpy is still Lumpy... Doctor wants him to come back in and due more testing. We go on 6/1... I will keep you posted.

Tracy said...

Awesome! I know that had to feel so good. Maybe I can catch some of your mommy mojo, Lord knows I need it!!