Monday, May 26, 2008

Too hot? Let's go fishing!

Chris promised Levi he would take him fishing. He picked up worms and stink bait, got the rods and reels all set, filled a small cooler and water bottles, and off to the big lake in our subdivision we went. It was hot. Beastly hot. We lasted 90 minutes before my brain began to melt and leak out my ears. Levi's face turned beet red from the heat, but he never complained. he was having too much fun.
It is important to wear your lucky socks when fishing. Who cares if you look like a nerd...
Levi caught 2 fish all by himself. Both were sun fish he caught with a worm. He was over-the-moon excited. He didn't even mind that we had to release them. 
The stuff that memories are made of. A little boy, a big lake, and a Snoopy fishing pole. 


Andrea said...

The sheer joy on his face is PRICELESS. And I love his lucky socks! So cute!

Marlene said...

Your Levi and my Wyatt are so much a like. Levi is so cute and I love his face in the photo of him and his fish! PRICELESS