Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We have the most wonderful woman in our lives, a woman who we have known for years but when Levi was born took on a role that makes her family for us. She is our Nanny. I love Nanny to pieces, and although I think she is the greatest there is a downside to having someone in your home every day. Someone who does your laundry, sees your mail, has free access to your closet, bathroom, drawers, etc. That fundamental lack of privacy is difficult to adjust to, but there is something even worse.

The phenomenon of the Nannyized items. Nanny hates clutter. She cannot leave something sitting on a counter, the desk, the table, anywhere. She HAS TO pick it up and put it away. Even when I have specifically set it out so that I can remember something or I need it or whatever. If I turn my back it is gone. It has been....dun dun dun....Nannyized. And she never remembers where she put it. Ever.

Let me give you some examples. Last November I was preparing to put up all the outdoor Christmas decorations. I ran to the store and picked up power cords, hooks, timers, etc and I left them in a pile in the sunroom. The next day when I went to begin putting the decoratrions up, I found the timers under the counter with the spare glassware, the hooks in a drawer by the sink, and although I looked high and low I didn't find the power cords anywhere. Three 100 foot bright orange heavy duty power cords. Gone. I gave in and went and purchased more. Then, Monday, while trying to get the back-up carseat out of the coat closet, I discovered the missing cords. In the carseat, behind the coats in the hall closet. But of course......

My parents had a big anniversary in April. I spent a long time searching for just the right card for them. I wanted it to say exactly what I felt, without being sickeningly sweet and plastic. I brought it home, left it on the counter so I would remember to mail it in time and Poof, it was gone. I searched all over. I found Christmas cards, Thank You cards, a Graduation card, even a missing Birthday card, but no anniversary card. In a panic (and a bit of a black mood) I took all 4 of the cards I found, crossed out birthday or graduation, etc, wrote in Happy Anniversary, stuffed money in them and sent them off. My folks got a big kick out of it! Especially after I told them the story. I figure the anniversary card will eventually show up and I will send it to them for Christmas or something.

It's kind of like living with a squirrel in the house. An OCD squirrel who works overtime to stock everything away. She has also been known to organize my pantry, clean out my fridge and re-arrange my cabinets. I swear cooking dinner can be the biggest exercise in frustration sometimes. I KNOW I have something but I can't find it. I frequently feel like I am losing my mind.

But she is the BEST caretaker of small kids. She loves them so much, she plays on the floor with them, she reads to them, holds them, rocks them, and teaches them. All of the Nannyizing is worth it. She is a gift to our kids!

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