Saturday, May 10, 2008


Last week we had the pleasure of watching our friends 2 1/2 yr old for a couple of nights. Mina shares Nanny with us and comes to our house every weekday, ever since she was itty-bitty. She is like a sister to Levi and helps fill my need for PBJ and Ahren. She is way too smart, talks like a college grad and is so totally adorable as to make you cringe! Here is how we kept 2 munchkins entertained in the evenings. (Hey, this is as good as a bath, right???)

Playing with Mister Chreees, the human jungle gym.

I have been sick this week (Thanks Elle, I think I am channeling you!) I got to sleep in this morning and here is what I found Levi had as breakfast. He helped himself.....

Of good grief. I thought we had the puppy potty trained! Not a new poo-poo on the carpet!
Turns out it was just part of Levi's breakfast!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!!


JuJu - said...

Love it:)

Happy Mother's Day:)

PBJ's God Mommy said...

Wendy (and Chris!),

Thank you so much for watching little Mina Bean this week! She had a blast and we can tell by the pictures and how she has been raving about her sleepover! Also, thanks for not loading her up with Dr. Pepper! But I will blame you for letting her learn the "why" game... Why? Because blah. Why? Because blah. Why?..... :) COINCIDENTALLY, she just started that "game" this week! :)

Love you guys, regardless! :)

Happy Mother's Day too!

Chelley said...

A wish from the heart, a whole lotta love and hugz
HAPPY Mother's Day !